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Community Guidelines

No hate speech or offensive content


No sharing of copyrighted material without permission


No spamming or advertising without permission


Respect the decisions made by the community moderators


Be kind and respectful to fellow community members

  • How do I join?
    It's easy! Click the login/signup button on the homepage, or any "login" link. You will then be promoted to sign up and confirm your account.
  • Will my selfcare and wellness improve as a result of joining the community?
    Only you can guarantee your success. I'm here to help guide you, and support you. Our community is also here to support and inspire you. At the end of the day, if you don't take action and try, then you won't get the success you want. But I have a feeling when you implement what is shared and presented, you will have AMAZING results! * Note, any advice shared in the community is not to be replaced for medical support/and care provided by your personal primary care physician. It is only used to be a guide and inspire. Discuss any questions with have on the advice presented with your physician.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Your privacy is important, and we handle it with care. Learn more HERE in our privacy policy. You can also find our terms of use HERE.
  • How do learn more about Crystal & Daily Ritual Boutique.
    You can learn more on the Daily Ritual Boutique "About" page HERE. You can also follow along on these other platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:
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